Tonic Train „Continuous Interruptions”



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Sarah Washington: homemade circuit-bent electronics & bat detector

Knut Aufermann: mixing desk, effects, microphones & FM radio feedback

Recorded, edited and mastered by Knut Aufermann.

Artwork: Diana Lisiecka

Antenna Non Grata CD 11/2021

The eight tracks on this CD were distilled from a multitude of live recordings made throughout 2005 and 2006, during the first year of a prolonged European tour. This period of constant travel was one of extensive musical activity which served as an accompaniment to our varied radio art engagements, and the recordings of those concerts are the source material for this first dedicated Tonic Train album.
The concerts represented here took place in Berlin, Hamburg, Prague, Copenhagen, Vienna and Halle, and were all recorded in stereo directly from the main mixer. No further editing was applied once the excerpts had been selected, and following mastering these snapshots of our performances can now, after a rest period of 15 years, leave the realm of documentation to develop a life of their own.
released May 28, 2021

Tonic Train is the circuit bending and feedback duo of Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann. Founded in 2000 in London, Tonic Train have played over a hundered concerts in music venues, radio stations, galleries, private homes and public spaces across Europe, and North and South America. They enjoy collaborating with exceptional musicians from the field of experimental electronics, improvised music, jazz, classical music and avant rock as well as performance artists, film makers, painters, ham radio operators and wine makers.

The distinct and wide-ranging sound palette of Tonic Train is the result of the idiosyncratic nature of their instruments. Sarah Washington’s home-made circuit bent instruments were the starting point of the duo and placed her at the forefront of the new wave of circuit benders that rose at the beginning of the new millennium. Knut Aufermann’s concentration on feedback processes to create sound coincided with the development of the no input mixing board as a sonic tool. The built-in indeterminacy of both of their chosen range of instruments combined with an abundance of musical intuition allows for Tonic Train’s finely tuned improvised live electronics.